Christmas Songs (2013)

Love, Murder and Glory (2014)

  1. Ye Banks and braes
  2. I ga’ed a wae’fu‘ gate yestreen
  3. Red, red is the path to glory
  4. John Anderson
  5. The auld house
  6. Charlie is my darlin‘
  7. Scot’s wha ha’e wi‘ Wallace bled
  8. Ilka blade o‘ grass
  9. Duncan Gray
  10. Green grow the rashes, O‘
  11. The de’il’s awa‘ wi‘ the exciseman
  12. Auld lang syne

Vocals: Jenni Heron
Keyboard, Percussion: Konstantin Papoutsidis
Violin: Lisa Rohn
Recording/Mastering: Konstantin Papoutsidis
Pictures and Layout: Klaus Rohn

Christmas Carols (2016)