The phrase och aye the noo is hardly ever actually used as such in Scotland – but I remember my granny from Dundee used that and other sayings, such as lang may yer lum reek, it’s a sair fecht, or it’s a braw bricht moonlicht the nicht is it nicht…so it’s a very comforting phrase for me, as it reminds me of my childhood in Edinburgh.

Och aye can be heard quite a lot in Scotland, as it conveys something like: Well I suppose so, yes, you know. The noo is also fairly common and means: Now, at the moment.

As this whole CD project was very much a spur of the moment idea and I felt ‘why not’ about it, the name och aye the noo just seemed right – and Konstantin was happy with the sound of it, too!

I hope you enjoy listening to these wonderful Scot’s and Scottish songs that I found in books my granny left me.